Cover Band Musician Catches Fire, Won't Stop Playing KISS

Watch what happened on stage

February 18, 2020

The singer/guitarist of a hard rock cover band was playing a gig like his hair was on fire. No, really. He was. And it was.

Bobby Jensen of Hairball was tearing through “Detroit Rock City” by KISS in full Paul Stanley costume and make-up when something went kind of wrong. Sparks from on-stage pyro landed in his long hair and ignited. Jensen kept singing and playing while the fire raced up the back of his head. Two crew members finally rushed over and extinguished the flames.

Jensen didn’t miss a vocal or a chord the entire time and was applauded for his efforts once the crowd knew he was OK. A video from the concert in Sioux City was posted on Twitter with the caption: “The most rock and roll thing you will ever see.”

Hairball tours nationally while performing meticulous covers of songs by Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC and Poison among many others. They say they are more of an experience than a tribute band.

“A band puts on a concert – Hairball puts on an event!” their website states. “The lights, sound, video screens, smoke, fire, blood, bombs, confetti, spiders, snakes & monsters (oh my) and the screaming hordes of rabid Hairball fans create an event – an event that hits you so hard, it’ll take a few days to recover! Rock & Roll will NEVER die!!!”

Hairball certainly lived up to its billing in Sioux City that night.

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