Watch an Intimate Performance From RADIO.COM Buzz Track Artist Dan Luke and the Raid

Playing songs from their album ‘Out Of The Blue’

March 18, 2020

Earlier this year, Dan Luke and The Raid were chosen for the first ever RADIO.COM Buzz Track, a special spotlight on a new artist we think you need to hear.

Their song “Fool” is unshakable and a perfect piece Alternative Pop, blending bright melodies with sharp sounds and an undercurrent of angst. That why we knew you needed to hear it.

Now the Bowling Green, Kentucky band has joined us for a special performance, delivering an intimate and awesome version of “Fool,” as well as three other tracks from their debut, Out Of The Blue.

“It's like a coming-of-age crisis,” singer Daniel Shultz has said of the album. “It’s about being in that space in your 20s where you’re trying to get your s*** together and figure things out in life. You’re dealing with your problems, even as you’re going out and partying and getting into trouble all the time.”

Out Of The Blue was produced by Cage The Elephant’s Brad Schultz, who is also Daniel’s older brother, along with Cage frontman Matt Schultz.

Discover what all the buzz is about with Dan Luke and the Raid, in an exclusive performance above.

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