Dogs Can Learn to Detect COVID-19 by Sniffing Armpits: Study

June 10, 2020

    As scientist look for ways to rid the world of COVID-19, many are looking for new ways to test people for the coronavirus.

    Now, a new study claims dogs could be very helpful in detecting the virus in patients. According to the study, dogs can be trained to spot COVID-19 by sniffing armpits.

    Done by French scientist at the national veterinary school in Alfort, the team trained eight Belgian Malinois shepherd dogs to detect the coronavirus by sniffing patient’s armpits.

    The study collected odor samples from the armpits of 260 subjects, both healthy and suffering from COVID-19. Their results found the dogs were able to identify those with the coronavirus at a 95 percent success rate.

    “We conclude that there is strong evidence that dogs can detect a person infected by the virus responsible for COVID-19 disease,” said member of the research team Professor Dominque Grandjean.

    While it is unknown at this time if other dog breads would have similar success, the study believes this could help with COVID-19 detection. Now there is yet another reason to love dogs.

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