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Paul McCartney

New McCartney album on the way

Paul McCartney has been busy in isolation. He's recorded a new album, McCartney lll, which will be released December 11th. Paul says he went into his studio in Sussex, England, began with previously unreleased live tracks that he recorded earlier, and started adding to them. He says he was just... Read More
tom petty

5 things you didn't know about Tom Petty

Not only was he an amazing songwriter, he had a great sense of humor and a generous spirit.He would have turned 70 October 20th. Here are some things you may not have known about Tom Petty. 1. His mom's name is Kitty. Petty said after she died, she would show up as a ghost in his hotel rooms around... Read More

Kitty's Local Hour playlist for10/20/2020

Thanks to Jonathan Suttin for filling in for me this week. "Meet Me in Madison” by Elizabeth Mary —originally from Dubuque just moved to Madison. Lead guitar is Paul Schluter of the band Last Crack. “Self Control” By Armchair Boogie. “Coyotes” by Wheelhouse . From their self-titled album that came... Read More
guitar pedals

Kitty's Local Hour playlist for10/11/2020

This week's show featured a lot of winners of the Madison Area Music Awards, which were handed out last week. "All The Love" by Lo Marie . WInner of best Jazz Artist, and Artist of the Year. "Sacrifice Ignored" by Kelsey Miles. WInner in the blues artist category. "Before Too Long" by Driveway... Read More
Kitty Dunn and a drawing of John Lennon

Kitty's John Lennon tribute playlist

"Imagine" title track from the album of the same name, released 1971. "Help" from the movie soundtrack. "Twist and Shout" John didn't write this, but the singing is fantastic! I have a lot of memories singing along to this one from the compilation 2 record set, Beatles Rock n Roll Music. "Stand By... Read More
soundboard mixer

Kitty's Local Hour playlist for10/4/2020

Hope you enjoyed this week's show! "Fly Away" by Robert J. A brand new song that Robert dedicated to "all the dreams parents have for their children." "The Last Stand" by the Belle Weather. From Wisconsin Vinyl Collective Volume 3. "WWJD" by The Emmylous. "Where I'm At" by Avian Aura. "Hands Up" by... Read More
John Lennon with guitar

Kitty's John Lennon birthday tribute

This Friday John Lennon would have turned 80, and I'l be joining the multitudes of fans paying tribute to his memory on that day. Listen at 9am or 9pm October 9th for a full hour of my favorite songs from John Lennon's solo years and his work with that fab quartet that called themselves the Beatles... Read More
Chloe Louise

Kitty's Local Hour playlist for 9/27/20

"Six Feet Away" by Sam Ness and Grace Gladem "Apple Cider Vinegar" by You Got The Message. "Marshmallow Through a Keyhole" by The And. Featuring the man behind the MAMAs, Rick Tvedt on lead guitar! "Zeno's Paradox" by Das Binky. New music on The Local Hour. "The Aftermath" by Brett Newski. "Miss Me... Read More
vinyl record on turntable

Record Store Day picks (drop #2)

Record Store is a little different in 2020. Isn't everything? This time, it's being spread out among three different days, to keep crowd sizes down. And stores are limiting the numbers of people that can be inside at once, to maximize social distancing. I took a look at the releases coming out for... Read More
Mark Croft with Jonathan & Kitty

Kitty's Local Hour Playlist for 9/20/2020

So much talent in this week's show! "Southbound Walking Northward" by Mark Croft. From a 2019 EP. "Flyover Land" by Marques Bovre and the Evil Twins. From the album of the same name. "The Key" by Kerosene Kites . The Beth Kille Erik Kjelland duo's song was featured on Wis. Vinyl Collective Vol.3. "... Read More