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Arcade Fire sells out of $100 fidget spinners preloaded with their new album

By: Branden Griffith

July 31, 2017

Arcade Fire is capitalizing on the worst trend of 2017 with their own fidget spinners selling for a whopping £79, or $105 (and that's without tax).

Nerd Talk: Where did all these fidget spinners come from?

But before you get too excited, they have already sold out. Don't fret though, because the album is for sale for $25, and you can buy a 12-pack of fidget spinners on Amazon for the same price.

The fidget spinner was branded for the band's new album Everything Now,  and doubled as a USB drive preloaded with the full album.

50 years from now when we start passing our collections of music-loaded fidget spinners to our grandkids who don't even use USB anymore (computers will be in their brains, probably), they'll laugh at us while skating away on their hoverboards. How do we not have hoverboards yet?

What do you think about the Arcade Fire fidget spinner? Are they lame or am I just old and out of touch?

Principal Skinner was right(gif version)