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Blink-182 Releases New Song in 6/8 Time

April 28, 2017

Blink-182 has released another new song called "6/8," and the band is calling it one of their weirdest ones yet.

The guitars are a lot more aggressive and reminiscent of bands like AFI and Billy Talent. The name of the song is in reference to being written in 6/8 time.

"6/8" is on the deluxe edition of California, Blink's latest album. The deluxe edition is due to be released on May 19. 

A while back, Travis Barker told our sister station that during recordings for California, the band, with newly-acquired Matt Skiba at the helm, wrote nearly 30 songs for the new album—most of which didn't make the cut in the 11-song final product. Those misfit songs are what you'll hear in the new deluxe edition.

"6/8" is the second song we've heard from the deluxe edition, following "Parking Lot." It's like Blink saw that video of the guy playing "Dammit" in a minor key and liked it.

In other Blink news, it looks like they're backing out of this weekend's Fyre Festival in the Bahamas.