Two Door Cinema Club Takes Us Behind the Wacky but Brilliant "Talk" Video

The story of a stubborn slinky

June 21, 2019

Two Door Cinema Club is back with another round of infectious, danceable songs with the release of their fourth studio LP False Alarm. The three years between albums were clearly used wisely, with the Irish alt band tightening up the tunes and coming closer together as a trio.

People have already been talking about the clever, meticulously-produced video for “Talk.” Directed by Max Siedentopf, the clip features gymnasts from a London circus, a Nike reference, and a stubborn slinky.

“We had one day to shoot this video,” singer Alex Trimble told RADIO.COM. “We had to shoot 86 scenes in a day, and the slinky was, I think, the only one that didn’t feature any humans, and it was the only one that couldn’t get it right.”

TDCC says every scene was planned and mapped out, right down to the multiple takes each band member had to do of jumping into a mattress. Hear more about the shoot in our interview above.

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The band also treated us to exclusive live performances of four songs. They did stripped-down acoustic versions of “Once” from the new album, and fan favorites “Something Good Can Work,” “Next Year,” and “What You Know.”