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Dave Grohl

Nerd Talk: Guy Makes Dave Grohl Out of Rubik's Cubes!

It's like my best worlds have collided -- cubing and rock music with this sweet portrait of Dave Grohl ! Dave Grohl ~ 725 Rubik’s cubes. Seeing the Foo Fighters concert a few months ago here in Melbourne has been one of the most inspiring moments, and I was lucky enough to share the experience with... Read More

Nerd Talk: Bad News About Lava...

The volcanic activity from Mt. Kilauea is creating some awful problems for the people of Hawaii - the vog alone is tough on the ol' lungs (volcanic fog = vog). But with anything radical like that, there's gonna be humans being all human-y and doing asinine things. "Think I can jump my mountain bike... Read More

Nerd Talk: NASA's 4K Tour of the Moon is just Badass

As a tiny little virus running around changing the Earth to my own liking, it's a complex abstract idea to understand the scale, distance, and the barren surface of our natural satellite the moon. If you don't believe that Earth is round, please stop reading and go hate yell at someone on the... Read More

Nerd Talk: Making Nuclear Music Inside a Cooling Silo

"What does a snare drum sound like inside a nuclear cooling silo tower?" Who asks this question, Godzilla?! I once was taken aside in an improv class for being too random and silly with my suggestions. "You're not setting your teammates up to win," or something dumb (accurate) like that. This snare... Read More

The Original Karate Kids are Back in this 'Cobra Kai' Trailer

Daniel "Crane Kick" Laruso and "Sweep The Leg" Johnny Lawrence look ready to square up and have at it again thanks to this low-budget looking trailer for Cobra Kai ! I feel terribly for the kids who grew up without a relevant connection to The Karate Kid or its questionable sequels. (Two was okay... Read More

Nerd Talk: Dude Makes Hellish Instrument Out Of Too Many Furbys

Before it felt certain that robots would take our jobs, we had things like Tamagotchi, 1986's Short Circuit, and the creepy/cuddly Furby. Ah the good old days. Now, Google finishes you searches for you, and Amazon puts ads in your Facebook feed for the things you speak of in front of Alexa. (Also,... Read More

Nerd Talk: RIP The CD (1982-2018)

Mega-retailer Best Buy has announced that they're done selling you music via Compact Disk. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I take full responsibility for being that jerk who assumes everyone is technologically growing with the times, because I was shocked to find out how many people still buy physical media to consume... Read More

Nerd Talk: Elon Musk Is Straight Up Selling Flamethrowers

The cool part about being a gazillionaire is that you get to do whatever the crap you want. "I wanna go to Mars" builds a rocket company. "I hate traffic" builds a tunneling company for an underground rollercoaster. "I wanna sell hats" comes up with a scheme where if people buy a total of 50,000... Read More
white pill

Nerd Talk: Finally, a Pill For Tracking Your Farts

Australian "scientists" have invented an ingestible pill whose design allows it to track the build-up or depletion of gas in your guts. It's a fart pill ... for tracking farts. Seriously though, understanding how all those craft beers turn to farts in your guts is an important element of... Read More