Nerd Talk: Dude Makes Hellish Instrument Out Of Too Many Furbys

Say hi to MGMT for me

February 14, 2018

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Before it felt certain that robots would take our jobs, we had things like Tamagotchi, 1986's Short Circuit, and the creepy/cuddly Furby. Ah the good old days. Now, Google finishes you searches for you, and Amazon puts ads in your Facebook feed for the things you speak of in front of Alexa. (Also, shout out to anyone named Alexa - name ruined.)

If you don't remember the original Furby (not pictured above), here's a quick refresher. It's a mechanical beast with big, haunting, dead eyes and a beakish mouth and the ability to talk and sort of learn. The disappointment I felt knowing it would never learn how to say farts or butts or anything I can't write here... 

Fast forward a couple decades, and they're back...from hell! This YouTuber called Look Mum No Computers figured out how to plug cables into their butts and control their simple Furby brains using what else than an organ! This necromancer controls the voices of 40+ monsters without jamming cables into his own eardrums to spare himself from the awful sounds of hell on Earth. 

Sorta sounds like if you walked into hell and MGMT was waiting for you. I'm glad that he cleared up the notion that these are home-grown and free-range Furbys. Phew. Anyway, now that the Terminators are coming:

... or at least artificial intelligence will take your job. Seems like we should embrace the music of our future enslavement to the machines. Good luck!