America Needs You, Harry Truman

World's Worst iPod from....

April 6, 2016

In 1975, the United States was still reeling from Watergate. Gerald Ford was president, and he and others were all hoping to be elected to the White House the following year.

Just like today, some people didn't like the choices being offered, so they looked back to a simpler time, when Harry Truman was president. For those of you not history savvy, he was president after Franklin Delano Roosevelt, from 1945-1953.

The song was written and sung by founding member of Chicago, Robert Lamm. You wouldn't think a song like that would be successful, but it was a pretty big hit, going to #13 on the charts. It was the followup to the kind of sound you're more familiar with from the band, and the song "Wishing You Were Here."

A lot of the lyrics of this song still ring true today, 40 years later!