Madison Music Comes To the Big Screen

April 14, 2016

Used by permission

The Madison premiere of the Smart Studios Story happens this Sunday in Madison as part of the Wisconsin Film Festival. Unfortunately it's sold out, but there are some other events you can get involved in.

Saturday at around 3:30pm at Mad City Music Exchange, Butch Vig and Steve Marker of Garbage will be signing copies of a special Record Store Day Cassette featuring songs from Madison bands who recorded at Smart Studios over the years.

Saturday night, four local bands will celebrate with a free show from bands The Hussy, The Flavor That Kills, Sky Urchin and Tarpaulin at 1444 East Washington Ave. Doors at 7pm.

Sunday night after the premiere, there's a show at the High Noon Saloon with a bunch of bands reuniting. More info here.

We had a nice chat with the film's director, Wendy Schneider. You can listen to it here.


Thursday, April 14th

Interview: The Smart Studios Story

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So what made you decide you wanna make a movie about Smart studios. While 2010 in the studio it was clothing. I thought it would be interesting to sit down with local. And you're there perspective on that let Matt. You know and and I began to do that which it. It was more like at that time capsule are. I checked that I was working on that and that's and that more stories came out. People experience it by the LA area it's an interesting history. You know that had taken place rather than over the last thirty years in the midwest that will really work. Making it the about. So for our listeners who are really familiar with Smart studios. Course summit bands that recorded there. I'm honored I'm mean believe it sometime why I'm with Adams. I good but I think what cities looking for as she once they get punched she wants the punch for those I don't know. You know nobody. Debt opportunities smashing pumpkin and we. Unaudited sparkle or hurt. Remixes her act a lot of Juarez nine mentioning all. So. Wendy this is this an art studio story of the movie is really got a lot of play at SXSW. You said in LA. And of course here for the Madison film fest on it's also the official film of record store day is that right. After that aren't getting Saturday is record certain game will be the official count for a year. It that the really exciting they are they out of it. If it has that relieved and concerned they had without being prepped 3000 and that the market here early catalog. Oh that's how we're trying to Wendy Schneider the movie is to Smart studio story which is sold out at the film fest but we do have a pair of tickets that we're gonna give away but we'll get together the second. When you're doing the documentary which are anything since you had worked at Smart studios was there anything new that you found out that. Wall I'd I'd you know I never knew that happened here or what a crazy thing that. Does it really fits Smart studios are in America. I think a lot of the really interesting for me and let. Maybe carrier. Did you say I'm more in depth third dimensional story about. Studio with the connection between killed over there and your bottom. You know I had never realized that at. Had no though there's twelve point but not made its way to sub pop record. To the gap of just happened Conan and we wouldn't have had I am white hat and the fluid coming here from Seattle. Good and you know told fans like they are gone to come under murdered but I. So in this strange ways chill though there is Elaine. Do one and they get shipped in and Andre the music in the early nineties and I thought that that was. Is Eric all and really remarkable I kind. It is to have us there Wendy this is really cool and it's great that you dated and yes Madison is on the map but a lot of people like you said don't really didn't really realize and improbably still don't. In this release its fantastic that you did this amazing. Yeah I'm really excited excited about it I hit a what not I am excited for the midwest has the story you didn't know you didn't know we have a lot of history. And it you know and in ninety of the art studios story and I'm excited people come and tap into that.