Sky High for 4/20?

April 20, 2016

We won't admit that we chose "Sky High" by Jigsaw purposely because today is 4/20, but it certainly fits doesn't it?

Jigsaw was an English band that was known to put on quite a wild show, doing crazy things like smashing guitars on stage, eating fire, and causing their amps to disintegrate.  You certainly couldn't tell it from this song, which was released in 1975, and made it up to #3 on the United States charts.

Some folks say it sounds like a bad James Bond theme song. It actually was recorded for a movie called "The Man From Hong Kong," a 1975 martial arts movie starring George Lazenby. Who?

Sadly, we won't be seeing Jigsaw on the State Fair circuit, as they broke up in 1981.