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Aaron Rodgers

5 things you didn't know about Aaron Rodgers

Happy birthday Aaron Rodgers! The star quarterback turns 37 today. Packer fans probably think they know everything about him, but here are some facts that maybe even Joe Buck doesn't know! 1. In college, he almost quit football to study law. 2. Despite being a record-breaking high school player, he... Read More
Jimmy Voegeli playing the piano

Kitty's Local Hour playlist 11/29/20

Music from the 1980's to 2020 on this week's list! "Carry The Torch" by Firetown . Recorded live at the UW Stock Pavillion. "The World Ain't Round" by The And. Featuring MAMAs founder Rick Tvedt on lead guitar. "American Spirit" by Armchair Boogie. "The Pint of No Return" by The Junkers. "What... Read More
Arlo Guthrie image

5 Things You Didn't Know About Alice's Restaurant

It's a Thanksgiving tradition--you have to listen to Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant at least once on Thanksgiving Day. We'll be playing it on Thanksgiving Day at noon and 6pm so tune in! Here are some things you may not know about the song. 1. Topping out at more than 18 minutes, the song as WAY... Read More
turkey image

Best Thanksgiving episode ever

Working in radio, I've been involved with my share of disastrous promotions, but nothing compares to the one that happened in 1978 on WKRP in Cinncinnati. That was a great show--and though exaggerated, it was pretty spot on when it comes to real radio vs. sitcom radio. But no one I know ever really... Read More
acoustic guitar

Kitty's Local Hour playlist 11/22/20

A little bit of everything on this week's show! "Da Turdy Point Buck" by Bananas At Large. Hope all the hunters are staying safe out there. Blaze orange is the new orange. "Stand In Love" by Natty Nation . Missing their annual Black Friday party this year. Hopefully it will be back in 2021. "Eyes... Read More

Our Request-a-thon is on now!

Jonathan & Kitty are live today until 6pm, playing your request for a $25 donation to Second Harvest Food Bank. Call 1-844-88HUNGER or donate online here. Demand for food has increased dramatically during the pandemic, with a 40 percent increase in the number of food insecure people in our area... Read More
sound board

Kitty's Local Hour playlist for 11/15/20

Hope you enjoyed this week's tunes, which included some performers taking part in Flannel Fest, a virtual fundraiser for the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund that happens this Saturday. Flannel Fest artists are marked with FF. More info here. "Sorry" by Kat and the Hurricane. A brand new song! "... Read More
Neil Young

6 Things You Didn't Know About Neil Young

Neil Young has been a rock star for a long time, going back to his days with the Buffalo Springfield. He's quite an interesting character, so it was actually kind of tough narrowing this list down to six. Hope you learn something! 1. One of Neil's early bands was the Mynah Birds, led by frontman... Read More
acoustic guitar

Local Hour playlist for 11/8/2020

Hope you enjoyed this week's set of tunes. "Somebody Loves You" by Marques Bovre and the Evil Twins. From Live From Studio M, Volume 1. We still miss you Marques. "Let That Music Grab Your Soul" by Kyle Henderson . From Brand New Chance. "Chasin The Sun" by Beth Kille. Mark your calendar for Nov... Read More
sound board

Local Hour playlist for 11/1/2020

Here's this week's playlist: "Carolina" by Old Soul Society. From The Farmhouse Sessions. "That Feeling" by The People Brothers Band. "Night Owls" by the Gabe Burdulis Trio. (Featuring Joey B. Banks and Conrad St. Clair) " Let Love In" by The Lower 5th. From the album Hope "Time Zone" by Semi-Twang... Read More