5 Things You Never Knew About Glen Campbell

August 9, 2017

© Carrienelson1 | Dreamstime

Tributes have been pouring in from everywhere about Glen Campbell, who died this week at the age of 81. I talked on the air about sending him a hate letter at the age of 7, because I was upset that his Goodtime Comedy Hour replaced The Smothers Brothers Show, my favorite show at the time.

But here are some other things you may not have known about Glen Campbell.

1. In 1960, he moved to Los Angeles to become a session musician. His guitar playing was fantastic, and he played on records by Bobby Darin, Ricky Nelson, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, the Monkees, Nancy Sinatra, Merle Haggard, Jan and Dean,Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and more.

2. He was a touring member of the Beach Boys. He was filling in for Brian Wilson who suddenly got freaked out by playing live. Glen sang falsetto harmonies and played the bass guitar.

3. Glen tried his hand at acting. He played a Texas Ranger in the John Wayne movie True Grit. He also sang the movie's theme song during the opening credits of the film.

4. He shared the stage with a lot of musicians on his variety show, including The Monkees, David Cassidy, Johnny Cash, Jerry Reed, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Linda Ronstadt and others. The Beatles also made an appearance--but it was on film.

5. Glen Campbell played the Dane County Coliseum on June 8, 1969. I couldn't find the set list anywhere--but he did release a live album from a show that same summer--and it included his hits as well as an amazing instrumental usually played on saxophone--Yakety Sax (although he called it Yakety Axe). Check it out here.

And check out Glen's fine picking here!