6 Things You Didn't Know About Ray Davies of the Kinks

June 21, 2016

--USA Today images

Ray Davies of the Kinks turns 72 today. You probably already know about his fights with his brother Dave, and his expansive discography, but did you know these things about the talented Mr. Davies?

1. Ray Davies wasn't always the lead singer. Before they actually became the Kinks, they tried out Rod Stewart on lead vocals, but the chemistry wasn't there.

2. Before they were called the Kinks, they went by the Ramrods, The Boll Weevils, and the Ravens.

3. Ray is kind of a superhero. While walking in New Orleans in 2004 with his girlfriend, someobody stole her purse. He ran after the thief and was shot in the leg. While he was in the hospital, someone asked him to autograph his X-ray.

4. He once dumped a woman because she didn't know how to eat an artichoke.

5. The Kinks missed out on a lot of the glory of the British Invasion. At the conclusion of their 1965 tour, they were banned from the country by the US government for "unspecified reasons."

6. His last name is actually pronounced like "Davis," but DJ's will continue to pronounce it DAY'-veez. The other way just doesn't sound right.