7 Things You Didn't Know About Paul McCartney

Happy 78th Birthday Paul!

June 18, 2020

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We still love you Paul McCartney--even though we are still waiting for you to call us for our big interview..and we wish you a very happy 78th birthday.

Here are some fun facts I've put together about Sir Paul.

1. His real first name is James. 

2. Paul is an excellent drummer. Not only did he play the drums on "Ballad of John & Yoko," he played them on "Dear Prudence" "Back in the USSR" and all the songs on the Band on the Run album.

3. The first instrument he learned to play was the trumpet. He made the switch to guitar after he figured out how to re-string a a right-handed instrument to play left-handed. According to legend, he got the re-stringing idea from a Slim Whitman poster.

4. Before he settled on "Wings" as the name for his post-Beatles band, he considered naming it "Turpentine."

5. The first record he ever bought was Be Bop a Lula by Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps.

6. He admitted in a twitter Q & A that he still gets star-struck around Bob Dylan. I wonder if Bob gets star-struck around Paul?

7. He's fascinated by new technology, and made a very early live web video about making mashed potatoes.