Great Friends, Great Beer

Now we wait another year

August 13, 2018

-Mike O'Connor

Another Great Taste of the Midwest has come and gone. My boyfriend Mike and I just figured out that it was our 20th Taste, and we've learned quite a lot over the years. Here are just a few tidbits we don't mind passing along.

1. You can't try them all. I heard that there were at least 1700 beers available to taste this year! You might want to limit your samples to one style of beer, breweries you've never tried before, or those that you probably think you will never have the opportunity to visit. And dumping out beer is pretty much a necessity. Take a sip, and if it's not over-the-top delicious, dump it and move on to the next one.

2. Costumes are great, especially if you want to get in a lot of people's selfies. This however does give you less time to sample.

3. Taking notes is hard. You'll start out with the best intentions, but then get overwhelmed and lose your pen. Do tell your friends, new and old, of your discoveries so they can go try it and compare opinions.

4. It's okay to bring a cooler full of food. Or go with a pretzel necklace...and feel free to add other non-pretzel items. Beef jerky and cheese seem to popular choices.

5. It's okay to take a nap. (See photo below.)