Happy National Drink Beer Day!

September 28, 2016

Happy National Drink Beer Day! 

Wait, I thought National Beer Day was in April. That's because it is. Today is National Drink Beer Day, which is different.

It's also different from International Beer Day (August 5th), American Beer Day (October 27), and National Lager Day (December 10th).

Just for fun, let's add to the mix. Beer Can Appreciation Dayis January 24th, Sour Beer Day is September 10th, and International Stout Day is November 3rd.

And we can't forget Prohibition Repeal Day December 5th, as well as Madison Craft Beer Week (not to be confused with American Craft Beer Week).

Some people's glasses even get a little foamy for Louis Pasteur's birthday, which is December 27th.

I don't have anything against all these beer holidays, but I do have a question. Who needs an excuse to drink beer?

Oh--and here's one more I'd like to create. "I Like Beer" Day on May 25th. That's Tom T. Hall's birthday.