Healthy & Safe Swimming in Madison Lakes

June 13, 2018

-Kitty Dunn


Summer hasn't even officially started, but we've already seen beaches in the Madison area close due to toxic blue green algae blooms.

According to the Public Health Department of Madison and Dane County, there are precautions you can take to make sure you stay safe while swimming, or allowing your pets to swim in area lakes.

1. Always look at the water conditions before you swim. Don't go swimming if we've recently had a major rainstorm, as that could raise bacteria levels in the lake.

2. Look out for blue green algae. It's actually NOT an algae at all, it's a bacteria that cause health problems for people and pets. Some dogs have died after ingesting blue green algae. lue-green algae can appear blue-green, reddish-purple, or brown, and cause the water to be murky.

3. Rinse off well (and rinse off your pets) if you feel you have been in contact with contaminated water.

Click here for more tips, and have a happy and safe summer. 

And here's a link to current beach conditions.