How not to spend $1000

January 4, 2017

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We'd love it if you listened to Triple M all the time, but next week it could wind up being a profit deal.

Starting Monday, listen at 7,11, 2, and 5 for your chance to win $1000.

We bet that would come in handy! 

In an effort to be even more helpful to you, we offer the following suggestions of ways not to spend that unexpected cash, should you be a winner.

1. Buying 1000 solar powered elves at the dollar store. Wait, it's after Christmas--you could probably get 2000 of them!  (Still not a good idea).

2. Buying 2,127 Forever stamps at the Post Office. Normally this could be a good investment choice, but last year the price of Forever stamps went DOWN. We shall not be fooled again.

3. You could buy 50 of those as seen on TV foot-zookie foot massaging mats, and carpet your house with them!  Wait, that doesn't include postage and handling, so forget it.

4. Chia anything

5.  Mariah Carey-Okee Machine (Guaranteed to malfunction in Times Square)