Kitty reviews Springsteen's book

December 19, 2016

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Not everyone who writes songs can knock out a well-written, readable book. But Bruce Springsteen sure can. Some of the passages of his autobiography, Born to Run, are downright beautiful! I particularly enjoyed the first half of the book, starting with his childhood in New Jersey, living in a shotgun house with no hot water, an alcoholic dad, and grandparents who liked to pick through trash to find old radios. His stories about  the days with his pre-E Street bands were pretty wild and crazy..and for a time he lived in a surfboard factory.

I really appreciate the human side of Bruce, as he is not shy about talking about his narcissism, depression and what he perceives as personality flaws. And the love story between him and Patti even made me tear up a bit. There's plenty of humor in the book too. Find out why he and Little Steven got kicked out of Disneyland, and why one of his early drummers was wanted by police! And what did his kids think of his dancing in the Dancing in the Dark video?

Any fan of rock and roll and good writing would enjoy this book. If you're a Bruce fan, you may just love it.

Here he talks about writing the book and reads an excerpt.