Kitty's Local Hour Playlist 11/18/18

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November 19, 2018

Another fun night of music on The Local Hour!

Here's the playlist:

"Tennessee Sunshine" by Wheelhouse, an exclusive version recorded live in Studio M.

"Plymouth Duster" by Count This Penny. From a self-titled EP.

"Blowin' Up the Shack," by Dan Walkner. He's now part of an excellent band called Wrenclaw.

"Buen Dia En Havana" by  Tony Castaneda Jazz Sextet., from the album Mambo o Muerte. He'll be headlining a Latin music festival at the Majestic Wednesday night.

"Hurricane" by Natty Nation. Check out their Black Friday show at the High Noon Saloon.

"Bluebird" by the Jeffrey James Show, from the new album "Everywhere."

"Borderline" by Spooner. From the album Wildest Dreams.

"Before Too Long" by the Driveway Thriftdwellers. From the album Cutover Country. They're part of a Tom Petty tribute concert Friday night at the Majestic.

"Lift Every Voice" by Peter Mulvey, from the NEW album Cheddar Revolution: Songs of Resurgence.

"Imaginary Girl" by Karen Wheelock, from the album of the same name.

"Portland" by Mike Droho. From Live From Studio M, Volume 7.

"Shine" by Luke Jorgensen, from the album Remember My Name.

"You Want It All" from Phat Phunktion. From Live at the High Noon.

"Born" by the Earthlings, from the album Earth.

(Note: list may vary slightly due to time constraints)