Kitty's Local Hour Playlist 12/1/19

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December 2, 2019
Butch Vig and Friends

Butch Vig and Know It All Boyfriends With Jonathan & Kitty


This week's show gave you a little sneak peak (sneak listen?) to what you'll hear at the Joey's Song benefit at the Barrymore Theatre this Friday night. (Want to win tickets? Click here).

"The World Ain't Round" by The And. Catch the reunion of this 80s band at Joey's Song at the Barrymore on Friday.

"Camp It Up" by Chaser. See them at Joey's Song as well!

"Bohemian Tango" by Harmonious Wail. They have a show at the Brink Lounge on Friday It[s a benefit for the Henry Mac Holiday Fund.

"Don't Go Away" by Robert J. See him out in barland at the 1855 Saloon and Grill in Cottage Grove on Thursday.

"Two Trick Pony" by Wrenclaw. From the album Nights and Weekends.

"Voices" by Well Known Strangers. From the album Aligned.

"Tables Turning" by Katie Powderly. From Slips of the Tongue.

"So Long" by Anna Vogelzang. From Canary In A Coal Mine. She'll be taking part in Wintersong at the Barrrymore Saturday night.

"How Many Times" by Madison Malone. She's at Wintersong at the Barrymore on Saturday as well.

"Teenage Dream" by John Masino. He's at the Club Tavern Saturday night.

"Borderline" by Spooner. See some members of this Madison classic band at Joey's Song on Friday night at the Barrymore.

"You Destroyed Classic Rock" by The Know-it-all-Boyfriends. This Butch Vig-led super group headlines the Joey's Song benefit.

"Slow Motion" by Phox. This Baraboo band has been on "indefinite hiatus" for a couple years.