Kitty's Local Hour Playlist 2/3/19

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February 4, 2019

No deflated balls, questionable non-calls or Maroon 5 in this week's Local Hour playlist!

"Didn't Leave Me No Ladder" by Paul Cebar. From LIve From Studio M Volume 2.

"St. Kathleen" by Gabe Burdulis, from his most recent EP.

"Buenos Aires" by Civil Engineers. See them at Bos Meadery Feb. 15th.

"I've Been Accused" by the Beth Kille Band. From LIve From Studio M Volume 8.

"Keep Me Warm" by Tortoise and the Finch. Our 2018 Project M winner!

"Midnight Train" by the Jeffrey James Show. Check out the new video for this song, posted below.

"LIttle Mary" by Wrenclaw. From Nights & Weekends. See them at the Harmony this Saturday with Madtown Mannish Boys.

"Hey Baby, Baby" from Jake O' McCluskey from The Hollow Years.

"Beale Street" from Getaway Drivers. From The Truth is Where It's Always Been. See them at the HIgh Noon Saloon Friday from 5-7pm.

"Waiting For the Night Time" by Nick Matthews. From a solo EP that came out last year.

"Watersong" from Honor Among Thieves. From the now out of print CD United Mind Workers.

"House Party" by Cash Box Kings. From The Royal Mint. They'll be at the Tyranena Brewering on Saturday from 7-10.