Kitty's Local Hour Playlist 3/3/19

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March 4, 2019

Know It All Boyfriends featuring Butch Vig and friends

Another great collection of local songs for this week.

"Like A Vagabond" by Spooner. From the Fugitive Dance. Butch Vig's band before Firetown.
"You Destroyed Classic Rock" by the Know-it-all Boyfriends. Butch Vig and friends including Jay Moran, Freedy Johnston, Wally Ingram and more.
"So They Say" by The Rascal Theory.
"Lion" by Anna Vogelzang.
"That Heart of Yours" by Avian Aura. Featuring Joan Herzing of the Blue Olives.
"Thousand Pieces" by HOmetown Sweethearts from a self-titled album.
"29's A Good Road" by Lorenzo Menzerschmidt.
"Tease Me Please Me" from Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo. See them at the Knuckledown Saloon Saturday March 9th.
"Not Black and White" from Teddy Davenport. From The Deepest Blue. See him at the Up North Monday March 11th.
"One Mississippi" by Mark Croft. From Live At Shake Rag Alley. He'll be at Toffflers in New Glarus March 16th.
"Breakdown" by Gabe Burdulis. From The Land of Make Believe.
"The King Must Die" from Gin Mill Hollow. They're at the Come Back In Tuesday nights.
"Water" by Baghdad Scuba Review. They have a show at the Harmony Bar April 5th.