Kitty's Local Hour Playlist 6/9/19

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June 10, 2019

Jimmy Voegeli pounding the keys with The Jimmys (Kitty Dunn photo)

Three brand new songs premiere on tonight's show, plus a few classic flashbacks.

"The Grays" by Christopher Gold. Originally from Kentucky, Christopher now lives in Wisconsin. This is from Wisconsin Vinyl Collective Volume 3.

"Lonesome County" by Marques Bovre & The Evil Twins. From Ghost Stories From Lonesome County.

"You're My Desire" by BingBong. From Pop Restoration.

"She's Got Me Where It Hurts" by Other Kids. This band was playing around Madison from the mid 80s to the early 90s.

"Whatcha Gonna Do" by Jake O' McCluskey. He's at the Shitty Barn in Spring Green on Wednesday night. I couldn't say that on the radio!

"Just This Once" by Briana Hardyman. This Madison singer-songwriter is now in Nashville!

"I Should Be Happy" by the Common Faces. From the album Gimme Live.

"More Than This" by Mackenzie Moore. Go see her at the Fisher King Winery in Verona on Saturday June 15th.

"Home" by Whitney Mann. From "The Western Sky"

"Keep The Best" by the Altered Five Blues Band. They're at the Monroe Balloon and Blues Festival on Saturday the 15th.

"Girl All Woman" by the Jimmys. They're at the Capital Brewery Beer Garden June 21st.

"Set The World On Fire" by the Hometown Sweethearts

"Power To Let Go" by by The Big Payback. They're on the Capitol Square for Lunchtime Live at noon on Tuesday.

"Venus Kissed the Moon" by Loey Nelson. From the album of the same name from around 1990. Loey is the sister of former Milwaukee Mayor John Norquist.