Kitty's Local Hour Playlist 8/11/19

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August 12, 2019

This week we learned about a musical legend living in our midst..and enjoyed a lot of great tunes made right here in Madison.

"Astral Weeks" by Van Morrison. This features bass playing by UW-Madison's Richard Davis. Rolling Stone called it the best bass playing on any rock record. He's also appeared on Bruce Springsteen records and played with Igor Stravinsky and Leonard Bernstein.

"Dancing in the Dark" by Teddy Davenport. See him at the Schencks' Corner Block Party this Friday at 5pm.

"Fields of Athenry" by Milwaukee's Coventry Jones.

"Redemption Song" by Madpolecats from their album Rastabilly.

"Hurricane" by Natty Nation, an exclusive Live From Studio M version. They'll be at Sessiosn at McPike Park Thursday night.

"For No One" by Free Hot Lunch. The original WA-HA band was a regular at Club De Wash back in the day. This is a Beatles cover.

"That's Life" by Lo Marie. She'll be at State Line Distillery Friday night.

"WWJD" by the Emmylous. Another song from their debut album! Love those harmonies.

"We Knew Love" By Robert J. He's at Comeback In Wednesday night at 6:00.

"Minneowisconsiana" by The Pine Travelers. They'll be at the Schenks Corner Block Party Saturday night at 6.

"Austin" by Emerald Grove. From A Hard Fought Autumn.

"All the Same" by Midnite Rum Orchestra. This duo features Cubby Tracy, the former owner of Good n Loud Music. He was also in a band called Clicker!

"Darling It's True" by Locksley. Madison West alums who moved to New York City. Their songs have been featured in numerous commercials.