Kitty's Local Hour Playlist 9/22/19

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September 23, 2019

Kitty Dunn photo, Wheelhouse Willy Street Fair 2018


 Saying goodbye to summer on the Local Hour!

"Chasin' The Sun" by Beth Kille

"Summer Sun" by Sam Lyons

"Two Trick Pony" by Wrenclaw. They're at the Come Back In on Thursday at 5pm.

"Tennessee Sunshine" by Wheelhouse. They're at the New Glarus Octoberfest on Saturday.

"Blind" by Pat Ferguson. See him at the Up North Pub on Tuesday.

"King James" by Marques Bovre and The Evil Twins. We lost Marques several years ago, but we still have his music.

"Blowin' Up The Shack" by Dan Walkner. Please, don't blow up any shacks no matter how tempting it may be!

"Ramblin'" by Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo. They'll be at the Capital Brewery in Middleton on Friday.

"Set The World On Fire" by Hometown Sweethearts. Who votes for a Hometown Sweethearts Reunion? We do!

"Sage Smoke" by Nick Matthews. See him at the Drumlin Ridge Winery on Friday.

"I'm Sold" by Karen Wheelock. She's at the Up North on Friday. If you see Karen, say congratulations--she just got married on Saturday!

"Bohemian Tango" by Harmonious Wail. See them at the HIgh Noon Saloon on Wednesday.

"When I Drift Away" by the Mascot Theory. They play the Memorial Union Terrace Friday night.

"Jupiter" by German Art Students.

"Tear Me Down" by Eugene Smiles Project.

"Act Like You Love Me" by Future Stuff.