Kitty's Local Hour Playlist for 1/26/2020

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January 27, 2020

Kitty Dunn photo


So much amazzing music in Madison. We are so lucky!

"Shame It's Just A Dream" by Wheelhouse. From their 2019 self-titled album. See them every Tuesday during happy hour at the Coliseum Bar and they'll be at Frozen Fest at the Edgewater Hotel Feb. 7.

"When The Lights Go Out' by the Trailer Kings. They're at Bowl-a-vard Lanes Sat. night.

"North Country" by the North Code. Our Project M winners last year.

"Chasin' The Sun" by Beth Kille. She's at Hop Haus in Verona on Saturday night.

"Watered Down:" by Leeding Zeros. From the album Ear Candy.

"More Than This" by Mackenzie Moore. She'll be at Cargo Coffee East on Friday.

"Pick Me Up" by Seasaw. They open for Yam Haus at High Noon Saloon on Saturday.

"Capetown" by Civil Engineers. They're at Come Back In with Wurk on Wednesday.

"Muddy Feet" by Sam Ness. Brand new music from Sam. He has a new live album coming soon.

"Remained Consumed" by Laska. From Wisconsin Vinyl Collective Volume 3.

"The World Aint Round" by The And. Early 80s Madison music. Featuring Rick Tvedt of the MAMA's on lead guitar.

"Certain Kind of Girl" by the Producers. Kyle Henderson of the Producers now lives in the Madison area.

"El Chupacabra" by Sunspot. From Weirdest Hits.

"Downhill" by The Family Business. From NIghtmares and Wildest Dreams. A past Project M: Band edition winner.

"I've Been Accused" by Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons. From the CD Old Believers.