Kitty's Local Hour Playlist for 2/16/2020

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February 17, 2020

This week's show featured a tribute to the Club De Wash, which was destroyed by fire Feb. 18, 1996.

"Spirit Of The Club De Wash" by Willy Porter. He improvised this song on the spot during a concert at the Barrymore Theatre shortly after the fire, then recreated it exclusively for Triple M.

"I Like Gyrls (Who Like Gyrls) by the late Marques Bovre and The Evil Twins. Thank goodness no video or audio recordings were made the time some Triple M staffters sang backup to the song on stage at the Club back in 1992.

"I'm Sold" by Karen Wheelock. Go see her at the Cider Farm Tasting Room on Friday.

"Helplessly Hoping" by the Emmylous. Great CSN cover.

"Hope Road" by The Getaway Drivers. See them along with Cris and Ann Plata at Bos Meadery Thursday for a Safe Skies, Clean Water benefit.

"Sex By Mail" by Free Hot Lunch. Another band that was a regular on stage at the Club De Wash.

"Bad Day" by Elizabeth Mary. She'll be at Barley Pop with Sam Ness and others Friday.

"Home" by Whitney Mann. A past Project M contestant, who got to open for Loretta Lynn.

"Straw House" by the Pine Travelers. They'll be at the High Noon Saloon Feb. 29th.

"Loser" by Woo Hooligans. This song has been done by Madison bands including Heir Apparent, From Earth, and Cartoons; redone last year. Featuring David Detroit, DC Owen, Sid Burner and Ray Ban.

"Started Out With  Bang" by Yipes. From a 2018 album.

"Lonely Girl" by Mars Hall. They're on the cover of this month's Maximum Ink Magazine and will be at High Noon Saloon March 16th (St. Practice Day).

"Bring It On Home" by Madtown Mannish Boys. They're at Bos Meadery Saturday.

"Look What You Made Me Do" by Altered Five. They're at Knuckledown Saloon Saturday night.

"Say It With Your Knees" by the Crashers. Featuring Jimmy Voegeli (pre-Jimmys) and Mauro Magellan from Georgia Satellites.

"Get A Life" by Michael Massey. From Live From Studio M Volume 6.