Kitty's Local Hour Playlist for 5/03/2020

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May 4, 2020
wheelhouse live

Wheelhouse at the Willy Street Fair 2018


A good mix of tunes this week!

"Ride" by the People Brothers Band. From the album Middle of the In-Between.

"Stand In Love" by Natty Nation.

"Angry Words" by Willy Porter. From the album Dog-eared Dream.

"St. Kathleen" by Gabe Burdulis.

"WWJD" by the Emmylous.

"In Trouble Again" by Hoot and Hollers. From their new album Matters of the Heart and Other Trouble.

"North Country" by the North Code. Our Project M 2019 champs.

"American Spirit" by Armchair Boogie. From the 2019 album What Does Time Care.

"Coyotes" by Wheelhouse. From a self-titled album that came out last year.

"Not an Ordinary Woman" by Beth Kille. From the album Dust.

"Tokyo Blues" by Little Red Wolf. From the album Junk Sparrow.

"Buenos Aires" by Civil Engineers.