Kitty's Local Hour Playlist for 5/31/2020

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June 1, 2020
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"Life Upside Down" by Brett Newski. From the album of the same name.

"Mad World" from Common Chord. Tears for Fears cover.

"You" by Mike Droho. From the new album Far Better Places.

"Figure You Out" by the Beth Kille Band. From the album Radio.

"Jolene" by Shawndell Marks. From the album Broken Dam.

"When The Lights Go Out" by Trailer Kings.

"Eat Out My Heart" by Sunspot. From the album Neanderthal.

"When I'm 64" by Del Mar. From The Studio M Sgt Pepper sessions.

"She's Leaving Home" by Nick Matthews and Chad Anderson. Another Sgt. Pepper cover.

"Self-Control" by Armchair Boogie. They're part of the Driftless Music Gardens Drive-In concert June 12th.

"Back Off" by Cash Box Kings.

"I Hate To Leave You (With a 6Pack in the Fridge) by the Altered Five Blues Band

"Appointment to Keep" by Honor Among Thieves.

"Little Mary" by Wrenclaw. From Nights and Weekends.

"Too Hot To Boogie" by Paul Filipowitz.