Kitty's Local Hour Playlist for 8/9/2020

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August 10, 2020
Jimmy Voegeli playing the piano

Jimmy Voegeli of the JImmys--Kitty Dunn photo


Here's Sunday night's list of tunes. Hope you enjoyed them!

"Hope" by the Lower 5th. From the album Hope.

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"Smilin' On" by Karen Wheelock and Gabe Burdulis

"Messin' With the Kid" by Madtown Mannish Boys

"Falling Apart" by Mars Hall. A brand new song!

"Last Of The Lucky Ones" by Sunspot. From Weirdest Hits.

"Old Fashioned" by Dan Walkner.

"When The Lights Go Out" by the Trailer Kings

"7 BIllion Spotlights" by Dan Collins and a Piano.

"Change Your Mind" by Gavyn Bailey & Madison Malone. Madison is a Portage native teamed up with Gavyn for this cool duet.

"Write A Hit" by The Jimmys. Featuring Marcia Ball.

"Set The World On Fire" by Hometown Sweethearts.

:"Too Hot" by Lynda and the Zeros

"Whiskey Drawn" by Anna Vogelzang. From Canary In A Coal Mine.

"Slow Motion" by Phox.