Kitty's Local Hour Playlist for 9/20/2020

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September 21, 2020
Mark Croft with Jonathan & Kitty

Mark Croft WIth Jonathan & Kitty


So much talent in this week's show!

"Southbound Walking Northward" by Mark Croft. From a 2019 EP.

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"Flyover Land" by Marques Bovre and the Evil Twins. From the album of the same name.

"The Key" by Kerosene Kites. The Beth Kille Erik Kjelland duo's song was featured on Wis. Vinyl Collective Vol.3.

"Standstill" by Kelsey Miles. This song was released this summer when the Black Lives Matter movement was at the forefront of the news.

"You" by Mike Droho. From a self-titled album released this year.

"Home" by Whitney Mann. From The Western Sky.

"Bouncing Ball" by Bing Bong. They'll be live on the Bos Meadery Patio on Friday.

"Someone Like You" by Chaser. Mike Massey's band back in the day.

"Let That Music Grab Your Soul" by Kyle Henderson. Former of the Producers. He's now living in the Madison area.

"North Country" by The North Code. A past Project M winner.

"Hit The Road" by Grasshoppers. From Feed My Monkey.

"No Brakes No Choice No Exit" by Robert J. From an album of the same name.

"Can The Circle Be Unbroken" by John Statz.

"Oh Wisconsin" by Locksley. Madison West grads, now based in Brooklyn.