Kitty's Local Hour playlist for 9/27/20

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September 28, 2020
Chloe Louise

Past Project M Champ Chloe Louise in the studio. Kitty Dunn photo


"Six Feet Away" by Sam Ness and Grace Gladem

"Apple Cider Vinegar" by You Got The Message.

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"Marshmallow Through a Keyhole" by The And. Featuring the man behind the MAMAs, Rick Tvedt on lead guitar!

"Zeno's Paradox" by Das Binky. New music on The Local Hour.

"The Aftermath" by Brett Newski.

"Miss Me When I'm Gone" by Chloe Louise. A past Project M champ!

"Blue Sky" by Nick Matthews and the Knuckle Sandwich.

"Lockdown USA" by Mickey Magnum. New on The Local Hour!

"Bored to Tears" by Greg Koch. A Milwaukee guitar player extraordinaire!

"What's The Matter With The Thing?" by Pupy Costello and The Big City Honky Tonk.

"I'm Sold" by Karen Wheelock.

"Please Let It Rain In California Tonight" by Anna Elizabeth Laube.