Kitty's Local Hour playlist for10/11/2020

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October 12, 2020
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This week's show featured a lot of winners of the Madison Area Music Awards, which were handed out last week.

"All The Love" by Lo Marie. WInner of best Jazz Artist, and Artist of the Year.

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"Sacrifice Ignored" by Kelsey Miles. WInner in the blues artist category.

"Before Too Long" by Driveway Thriftdwellers. Winner for best country/bluegrass artist.

"Smilin' On" by Karen Wheelock and Gabe Burdulis. Karen won in the alternative category.

"It's Complicated" by Bing Bong. Best rock performer!

"She's Gotta Have It" by the Jimmys. Their album She's Gotta Have It won for best blues album.

"Alley Cat" by Westside Andy/Mel Ford Band. Andy won for best harmonica player.

"Be Your Own Superhero" by Gin Chocolate and Bottle Rockets. Winner for best vocal ensemble.

"Genesis" by  Nester. This is the band Jonathan and I introduced (virtually) during the ceremony.Local Hour premiere!

"That Feeling" by the People Brothers Band. Winner in the rock and R&B category.

"The Key" by Kerosene Kites. This song was featured on the Wis. VInyl Collective Volume 3 album which was also honored with a MAMA award.

"New Romance" by The O'Bros. Jay Moran of the O'Bros got a special award from the MAMAS--the Music Notes Musical Career Achievement Award.

"Last of The Lucky Ones" by Sunspot. WInner in the hard rock category.

"Got to Rock-a-bye My Baby" by Paul Black.