Kitty's McCartney Diary

A Pleasant Time Guaranteed For All!

June 7, 2019

Kitty Dunn Photo

What a show!

I had the pleasure of attending Paul McCartney's first ever show in Madison, at the Kohl Center June 6th. Instead of writing a typical review, I thought I'd share with you some random thoughts, in the form of my Sir Paul Diary.

Before the show:  Every one was milling around and seemed pretty relaxed, despite obviously being excited at seeing Paul in concert. As we lined up to enter, we were treated to a recording telling us what NOT to bring into the Kohl Center, including things like selfie sticks and weapons...and also nosemakers. I'm pretty sure he said nosemakers. What would we want to make a nose at a concert?

Upon entry to the Kohl Center: I spied a lot of very cool McCartney and Beatles shirts, of course. But I wondered what inspired people to make other fashion choices. Was a Rolling Stones shirt making a statement? Or how about the gal in the New Kids On The Block t-shirt? Or the dude promoting Black Sabbath?

The Show: Although Paul sounded warbly and vocally was showing his age on some songs ("Let Me Roll It" specifically), he definitely had a lot of energy and seemed to be having a great time. Songs I was surprised and delighted to hear? Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite, I've Just Seen A Face and Helter Skelter! Click here to see the complete setlist.

The Crowd:  Wow! What an expanse of ages!  I saw a little girl who appeared to be around 4, and a whole lot of white haired folks whose ages I won't guess. Everyone seemed to be having fun, especially during the songs they were familiar with. To the one old dude ahead of me taping the whole concert...I'm so sorry your battery died before it got to the show's climax. Oh wait. Not sorry.

After the Show: Everyone was in a happy glow as they walked to their cars. Was anyone else surprised to see that Sir Paul's tour buses got a police escort? Guess you have to be a Knight to merit that honor!