Kitty's Top Ten Local CDS

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December 27, 2019

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Here's my list! It was not an easy task, but I narrowed it down to 10. (In alphabetical order)

Armchair Boogie “What Does Time Care?”  I’m a sucker for pedal steel and banjo, so I loved this one, the 2nd album from the self-described “funky bluegrass band from America’s heartland.”  There’s some serious pickin’ to be had here!  I get out of breath just listening to it!  Key song: American Spirit.

Cash Box Kings “Hail To The Kings” Chicago Blues with a sense of humor!  Special guest Shemekia Copeland adds to the fun on the song “The Wine Talkin’”, but, with Joe Nosek’s harp playing,  this album is a treat through and through.   Key song: “Back Off”

The EmmyLous—Self Titled. This album from Katie Lowrey, LaRynda Thoen, Kristi Blitz and Ed Boswell features clever,  relatable originals and a couple of inspired covers. The harmonies on their version of CSN’s “Helplessly Hoping” are impressive. Key song: “You Liked Me”

The Jimmys “Gotta Have It” Jimmy Voegeli brought in some special guests to help out with the band’s 5th album, most notably Marcia Ball on the song “Write A Hit.” Jimmy’s keys, Perry Weber’s guitar, and all those horns make an entertaining mix. Close your eyes and pretend you’re at a summer festival ($6 beers not included). Key song:  She Gotta Have It

Mascot Theory “Live At Clutch Sound Studios” Their album “Dawn and What Comes After” was my favorite album of 2018, and this live collection did not disappoint. With catchy melodies and memorable hooks,  you can’t listen to this without going online to see where you can see Erik Kjelland his bandmates play out next! Bonus: the album includes a DVD. Key song: “The Monster”

Pine Travelers : “Hyraeth”  The album is named after a Welsh concept that is roughly translated as “coming home,” this album comes home to the roots of Americana music. To me, the songs have a Grateful Dead feel—with some really tasty guitar licks. Key song: “Alibi.”

Tent Show Troubadors “Alchemy & Chemistry”  The album’s cover promises “Original Music In A Variety of Flavors.Those flavors? Cow Punk to Ska, Funk to Americana, and rockers to ballads.  Key song: Guilt By Association

Wheelhouse  -Self-titled  Their 4th album has the same vivid storytelling and amazing musicianship, but this album has a darker, more haunting quality than before. These songs would be right at home on a Marty Stuart album. (And this is a sincere compliment). Key song:  “Coyote.”

Wisconsin Vinyl Collective Volume 3: Released on Record Store Day, back in April. This 10-song compilation is a wide stroke of the brush when it comes to Wisconsin talent. Some familiar names are included, but I was also delighted to discover some new favorites. (Christopher Gold and Laska).    The effort raises money for the Keep Wisconsin Warm Fund, and is available on vinyl and CD. Key song:  All of them.

Woodrow: “Sincerely”  A collection of clever pop songs. Not long after this was released Connor Brennan moved to Nashville to pursue music and The Local Hour wishes him well! Key song: Bubblegum Heart