Local Hour Playlist 10/28

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October 30, 2018

A mix of new and old (and really old) for this week's show.

"Just Wanna Play" by the Beth Kille Band from the album Stark Raving Songbird

"Awakened" by the Mascot Theory. (See Beth and the Mascot Theory at Flannel Fest on Saturday night).

"The Whip" by Locksley from the album Be In Love. East High grads make it big in New York City.

"Space Cowboy" by the Steve Miller Band. Steve went to college here in the early '60s. This song co-written by his friend and bandmate Ben Sidran, who still lives here!

"I Put A Spell On You" by Honor Among Thieves, from the album United Mind Workers. First local CD I bought when I moved to Madison!

"Power to Let Go" by the Big Payback, from Animal Brain.

"Hypnotize" by Aaron Williams and The Hoodoo. See them at the Harmony Saturday night.

"Songs of Resistance" by The Whiskey Farm. From the album "Cheddar Revolution, Songs of Resurgence." More info here.

"I'm Like" by Whitney Mann, from the album"The Western Sky." A former competitor in Project M!

"Splinter" by Well-Known Strangers. At Flannel Fest this Saturday at the High Noon Saloon.

"Blue" by Katie Powderly, from the album Slips of the Tongue.

"Hippie Boyfriend," by Anna Laube. From Pool All the Knowledge.

"Bloody Murder" by Jake O'McCluskey from The Hollow Years. He has a new album coming soon.

"Check the Gage" by Lorenzo Messerschmidt from a self-titled album.

Pictured above: Jonathan & Kitty with Beth Kille and Erik Kjelland..both will be appearing at Flannel Fest this weekend.