Local Hour Playlist 2/17/19

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February 19, 2019

Chloe Louise in the Triple M Studio. Kitty Dunn photo.

This week's Local Hour featured some brand new music, a trip back in time to the days of the Club De Wash, which burned down in 1996, and more.

"Mercury Blues" by The Steve Miller Band. It was just announced that Steve will be getting an honorary degree from the University of Wisconsin in May.

"What Gives" by the Jimmys. See them twice this week--at Toffler's in New Glarus on Thursday and at the Knuckledown Saloon in Madison on Friday.

"Talking in My Sleep" by the Old Soul Society. A Live From Studio M exclusive.

"When the Lights Go Out" from the Trailer Kings. Finalists a couple years ago in Project M.

"Winter's End" by Katie Scullin. From the album She Smiled. A past Project M winner!

"Have You Seen Me Lately" by Chloe Louise. Our 2018 Project M winner!

"All the Same" by Midnite Rum Orchestra. Featuring Cubby Tracy and Tony Cerniglia. Remember Cubby from the band Clicker?

"Sgt. Carter" by the Gomers. Aside from being played on Triple M every Friday, the Gomers were regulars at the Club De Wash. The Club De Wash was located inside the Hotel Washington which was destroyed by fire Feb. 18, 1996.

"Spirit of the Club De Wash" by Willy Porter. A Triple M Exclusive! Willy Porter made this song up on stage at the Barrymore shortly after the fire. He recreated it for us in Studio M.

"I Like Gyrls Who Like Gyrls" by Marques Bovre and the Evil Twins. My one and only appearance on stage at the Club De Wash singing backup for this song with four other Triple M announcers. In retrospect, we should have rehearsed.

"Bascom Hill" PB & J. An ode to a delicious sandwich.Jason, Charlie and Scott have a show at the High Noon Saloon coming up April 13th.

"Forever for Sure" by Avian Aura. Duo featuring Gary Flesher and Joan Herzing.

"Bowling Pin" by the Chris Aaron Band. Chris was an amazing guitar player who died too young in 2014. He was just 44 years old.