Local Hour playlist for 11/8/2020

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November 9, 2020
acoustic guitar

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Hope you enjoyed this week's set of tunes.

"Somebody Loves You" by Marques Bovre and the Evil Twins. From Live From Studio M, Volume 1. We still miss you Marques.

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"Let That Music Grab Your Soul" by Kyle Henderson. From Brand New Chance.

"Chasin The Sun" by Beth Kille. Mark your calendar for Nov. 21. Beth is part of  the virutal Flannel Fest 2020

"Best Is Yet To Come" by the Mascot Theory. Also part of Flannel Fest Nov. 21. A benefit for the Keep WIsconsin Warm/Cool Fund.

"All About Tonight" by Bascom Hill.

"Snap Your Fingers and Stomp Your Feet" by Sean Michael Dargan. From an album of the same name

"Surrender To Love" by Tent Show Troubadors.

"When I Go Back To The World" by Peter Leidy.

"Covid Cove" by Cribshitter featuring Prop Cummins. Or as I say on the radio, Cribs Hitter.

"Sunny Days" by Anna Elizabeth Laube.

"1936" by Phox.

"Walk It Back Jack (Miles Away") by Madison Red & The Band That Time Forgot. From 21st Century Blues & Ballads.

"Angel's Call" by TBurns.

"Jolene" by Shawndell Marks. From the album Broken Dam.

"All The Kings Men" by Moon Gypsies. Live From Studio M!

"I'll Be Waiting For You" by Emperors of Wyoming. A Butch Vig side project.