Lunar Tunes 1969

Radio's Soundtrack To The Moon Landing

July 17, 2019

Getty Images Illustration

When we were all gazing skyward, or watching the moon landing on our old black and white TV's, there had to be a radio blaring in the background somewhere.

Just what were we listening to on that historic day, July 20, 1969, when man first stepped on the moon?

I did a little digging (via the internet) and made some interesting discoveries.

There were some songs that seemed to fit perfectly with man's space adventures, some songs I don't remember at all, and others that are still in pretty constant rotation today.

According to Billboard, the #1 song on the charts the week of the moon landing was one that took us even further into the future. Zager & Evans, in their song "In The Year 2525" imagined a world that seemed pretty scary. "Your arms are hanging limp at your side, Your legs got nothing to do, Some machine's doing that for you." Yikes!

A couple songs had a space theme (sort of): "Good Morning Starshine" by Oliver, and "Bad Moon Rising" by CCR were both in the Top 20. And hanging in at #40, there was one of those horrible Dickie Goodmanesque comedic records that featured snippets from hits of the day, called "Moonflight." I remember liking those thing back in the day ("Watergrate" and "Mr. Jaws") but no longer have patience for them.

And there were some songs that went on to become classics blazing through our radios in July,1969--two Beatles songs, "Ballad of John and Yoko" and "Get Back, " as well as "Honky Tonk Women" by the Rolling Stones. Elvis was on the charts with "In The Ghetto" and Neil Diamond's future sing-a-long favorite, "Sweet Caroline" was there too.

Click here to see all the Top 40 songs from 1969. You'll have to scroll a bit to get to the week ending July 26, 1969.