Is Madison The Best City For Single Men and Women?

A New Ranking Says It Is

July 26, 2019

Looking for love?

A new ranking from Lending Tree says Madison, Wisconsin, is the best city in the US for single men and single women.

They ranked the 100 biggest cities by things like the number of single people, job prospects, ability to live a healthy lifestyle, and cultural and entertainment options.

Lending Tree says Madison's #1 ranks for safety and well-being pushed us up to the top.The study also pointed out that Madison has a lot of bars, restaurants and performing arts institutions for a metro of its size.

One thing the studies don't say--is that it's a great city for single men or women to find a date. According to a lot of folks it's not an easy task despite all those positive qualities. Maybe what the study should say is that Madison is the best city for singles to stay single.

Here are links to the two studies.

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