Kitty's Local Hour Playlist 10/21

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October 22, 2018

Some blues, some jazz, and even some disco on this week's show!

Stubb's Relentless Groove," by Clyde Stubblefield. From the album The Original.

"Junk In the Trunk" by Paul Filipowitz. From Live! Recorded at the Knuckledown Saloon.

"Hey Donald Driver" by Peter Leidy. A tribute to my favorite Green Bay Packer, set to the music of "Hey There Delilah" by the Plain White T's. (Check out the great video here).

"Dreams" by Wheelhouse. From Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch.

"Midnight Train, " by the Jeffrey James Show. From the new album Everywhere.

"Bohemian Tango" by Harmonious Wail. From the album of the same name.

"That's Life,"  by Lo Marie. A great version of the Sinatra classic.

"Whiskey River" by Lost Lakes. Featuring Project M alums Corey Mathew Hart and Paul Mitch.

"Ebb and Flow" by Gin Mill Hollow. From the album Love Is King. See them Thursdays at Come Back In.

"Ice Cream For Breakfast" by Woodrow. See them as Elton John at the Crystal on Friday.

"She's A Runaway" by the Bodeans. From Love and Hope and Sex and Dreams. Back when they wanted to be called "Da Bodeans."

"Hollywood" by Daniel & The Lion, from the album Sweet Teeth.

"Dance Originality" By VO5. From the album of the same name. They'll be at the Crystal Corner on Saturday.

"Keep The Best" by Altered Five Blues Band.  From the album Gotta Earn It.

Above photo: Clyde Stubblefield with Joey Banks and Jonathan & Kitty, in the Triple M Studio.