New McCartney album on the way

McCartney lll comes out Dec. 11

October 22, 2020
Paul McCartney

Getty Images


Paul McCartney has been busy in isolation.

He's recorded a new album, McCartney lll, which will be released December 11th.

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Paul says he went into his studio in Sussex, England, began with previously unreleased live tracks that he recorded earlier, and started adding to them. He says he was just having fun in the studio and had no idea it would become an album. Sir Paul says he just did stuff he fancied doing, and says it was "made in rockdown."

The album follows in the tradition of McCartney, released in 1970, and McCartney ll in 1980, albums that he also wrote and performed bt himself (except for some background vocals from his wife Linda).

More about the new album here.