Picks For Record Store Day

Celebrating Indie Record Stores This Saturday

April 8, 2019

Record Store Day 2019 is this Saturday--with a wide variety of vinyl releases designed to lure you into independent record stores. Note: the quantity of these records is extremely limited, and not every store will get every release. Another note: bring lots of $$.

Here's a list to whet your appetite:

Cheech and Chong "Up In Smoke" 7 inch picture disc. What picture you ask? A pot leaf of course. With a weed scratch and sniff sticker. The Twinkies will cost you extra.

Crosby Stills Nash & Young "4-Way Street Expanded Edition." This three album set includes bonus tracks never before available on vinyl.

Foo Fighters  "Big Me" on 3" vinyl Only plays on a special Record Store Day turntable that plays 3 inch records.

White Stripes "Candy Cane Child." Another 3" record for that special tiny turntable.

Janis Joplin 'Woodstock Sunday August 17th"  Her set at the famed music festival is released in honor of Woodstock's 50th anniversary. Not generally considered one of her best performances.

John Lennon "Imagine Raw Studio Mixes." As originally recorded live at Ascot Studies at John's home in England. No effects included.

Pink Floyd "Saucerful of Secrets-Mono." Last year "Piper at the Gates of Dawn" was the must-have Pink Floyd item. Good luck snagging this one!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "Pizza Power." A seven inch vinyl recording of the song you may have heard first on the Turtles in Time arcade machine.

"Mickey Mouse Disco." A re-release of the album that first came out in 1979. I hear "Macho Duck" was a real crowd-pleaser.

"Multiplication Rock" by Bob Dorough. The songs from the 1970s television shorts. On colored vinyl. Who else thought "FIgure 8" was a beautiful song?