Remembering Prince 1958-2016

April 21, 2016

USA Today Images

The world was shocked to learn of the death of superstar musician and creative thinker Prince. Tributes are coming in from all over the the planet.

Boy George wrote on twitter: "Today is the worst day ever. Prince R.I.P I am crying!"

Jesse Jackson: "Shocked & heartbroken to hear news of death of dear friend, #Prince.Pray for his family&thank God for his legacy."

Spike Lee posted a picture of himself with Prince and tweeted: "I miss my Brother. Prince Was a Funny Cat. A great sense of humor."

Here are a few things you may not have known about Prince:

1. In school his nickname was Gazoo, for the alien character on the Flintstones. That's because he had a small body and a huge Afro.

2. Prince won a Golden Globe for Best Song for "Song From the Heart" from the movie Happy Feet. He didn't get to accept it though because he was stuck in traffic.

3. Prince originally asked Stevie Nicks to write lyrics for an instrumental piece that became "Purple Rain." She gave it a try, but ultimately told Prince she coudn't do it.

4. He once told Rolling Stone that when he didn't have money, he'd go to McDonalds just to smell the food. Eventually, he became a vegetarian.

5. When he wrote for other artists, he often use pseudonyms, like Alexander Nevermind when he wrote "Sugarwalls" for Sheena Easton, as well as Joey Coco, Jamie Starr, and Christopher.