R.I.P. Candye Kane--she belted the blues like no other

May 9, 2016

From the Kitty collection

I was so sad to hear over the weekend of the passing of a great blues singer, who also happened to be a pretty amazing lady.

Candye Kane was just 54 years old, and had fought pancreative cancer for 8 years, continuing to tour up until the last few months.

I had the pleasure of seeing Candye four times--twice at Summerfest, and twice at the Bull Falls Bluesfest in Wausau. Not only was her singing voice one of the best I've heard, her songs ranged from hilariously bawdy to deep heartfelt love songs.

Candye's life story was inspirational too. Her mom was a piece of work, teaching her to shoplift at age nine. By 17 she was doing intravenous drugs and making porn movies. Thankfully, the blues saved her life, and she used her music to empower others--everything from loving your own body (no matter what the size) to being your own super-hero.

Here's one of my favorite Candye songs.