Slumber Parties Revisited

February 15, 2018

It was my birthday the other day, which got me to thinking about birthdays past, and the many slumber parties that I attended. They were great fun, and pretty much the same things happened at all of them.

So I present, the Top 5 Things That Happened at a 1970s slumber party:

1. We played Truth or Dare. Most people selected "truth," and were asked questions like "if you were at a pool party with boys, would you rather remove your swimsuit top or bottom?" A dare that happened at my 13th birthday party resulted in a group of girls walking around the block in their pajamas, winter coats, and boots (it was February).

2. We listened to records. Sometimes the same one over and over. I can't hear Pearl Jam's "Last Kiss" without thinking of the version by a group called Wednesday.

3. We held seances, or played "Light As A Feather and Stiff As A Board." This involved one girl lying down with her eyes closed, and the others gathered around, each putting 2 fingers from each hand below the "dead body." Then someone told a story about the girl's "death," and then holding hands, we'd "pass around the squeeze," say "Light as a Feather and Stiff As A Board," and then easily pick the girl up!  Was it supernatural activity, or just the fact that most of us weighed less than 70 pounds?

4.  In the morning, we had friendly competitions to see who could roll their sleeping bag into the smallest space. This took a remarkable amount of talent.

5. We giggled, and shouted, and giggled some more. At that aforementioned 13th birthday party of mine, I remember my mom saying to us, "I took a sleeping pill, you're on your own." That was a great party.

Oh by the way--here are some things that never happened at any slumber party I attended. We never put our hair in curlers, did each other's nails, had pillow fights, or danced around naked. Sorry to ruin the fantasies of lots of pre-teen and teenage boys.