Sorry, Squirrel, We're Not Hiring

My first crowd-sourced blog

March 1, 2018

Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions about what to write about for today's blog. Sorry Jackie, I will not be writing about the new species of tardigrade that was recently discovered. Yuck!

Instead, I will take two of your suggestions and combine them into one blog--interesting people I've met during all my years in radio, and rampaging animals!

I present Triple M's Top 3 Rampaging Animal Stories--that happened right here on Ganser Way!

1. Scampering Dog. Okay, this dog wasn't actually rampaging. It was Sheryl Crow's dog named Scout. He lived up to his name by checking out the enter radio station, and he wasn't all that easy to catch. I love that he was named after the main character in To Kill A Mockingbird.

2. Persistent Squirrel. I was standing at one of the entrances of the building, holding the door open and chatting with a colleague, when we spotted a cute little baby squirrel in the parking lot. Apparently he (or she) was very interested in what we were talking about because he/she scurried right through the door into the stairwell and started running up and down the stairs like some kind of fitness fanatic. While my co-worker just got the heck out ouf there (fearing rabies), I yelled "Squirrel in Stairway!" into the offices and our general manager came to my rescue with a broom and scooted the little critter out the door.

3. Terrifying Vampire.  Okay, it wasn't exactly Barnabas Collins, but it was a little sleeping bat that woke up and decided to soar through the halls right at about eye level. I screamed so loud that my voice was heard through the walls on WOLX! Eventually we trapped the creature under a garbage can. I can still remember it's little wing reaching out from underneath before we finally got it outside. Luckily, it did not nest in anyone's hair! 

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